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easy to apply – silicone & petroleum free –

For runners, triathletes, and high performance athletes that suffer from chafing.

bluerub® Anti Chafing Stick is naturally derived and specially formulated for prolonged use.

Before running or roughing it, apply to skin to prevent chafing or friction.

when to apply

Apply prior to dressing or after runs, hikes, or sporting events where skin is susceptible to irritation from rubbing.

body & skin

bluerub® is a naturally derived product. It can be applied directly to chafing or sores to relieve pain.

where to apply

Apply liberal amount directly to thighs, groin area, between arm and upper body, bra area, nipples, and feet.

how to clean

Non-greasy and non-staining. Wash off with mild soap and water. Keep away from eyes.

easy to apply

Smooth application and all day protection from a natural product – It’s this easy…
1. Apply directly from stick.
2. Go Fast…

about chafe

CHAFE is 100% natural with organic ingredients included. CHAFE is made in America and uses eco friendly materials. CHAFE has been tested in many conditions including marathons, cold weather, heavy rain, and heat.