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bluerub® chafe prevention

Regardless of the sport, chafing is painful… Not anymore. bluerub® has developed a groundbreaking, all natural, anti chafe product that applies easily and it has been tested at various marathons including the 2016 & 2017 Boston Marathons.

chafing – what causes it?

Chafing is caused by repetitive rubbing or friction, usually induced through skin to skin contact or fabric to skin contact leaving mild to severe irritation. Chafing is usually found in the inner thighs and inner glutes; armpits and nipples. Runners develop chafing during medium to long distance runs but can be susceptible to chafing during short runs as well.

Non-runners can develop chafing as well. Cyclist, walkers, football players, and many more. Regardless of what activity you do, understand the cause and knowing that there is a solution like bluerub®, is half the battle.

chafing – how to prevent it?

Applying an anti chafe product like bluerub® prior to your event is critical in minimising your body to irritation or rubbing. Choosing the correct clothing can also help reduce the effects of chafing. Clothing that doesn’t wick away moisture will create wet clammy skin, increasing the chances for blisters and sores. Clothing that is too tight or baggy can create a “rub zone”. Properly fitting socks are just as important as the lime green designer top you bought. Chafing can and will occur on your feet. bluerub® was tested and effectively performed at marathon distances on runners feet.

bluerub® No-No List:

  • Cheap socks or poorly fitting socks
  • Non-wicking fabrics
  • New shoes on long runs
  • Tight fitting shoes or heels
  • Working out on/in the sand
  • Escessive weight – skin on skin is the number one reson for chafing, go slow and work it off for the health of your body.
  • Dirt – keep “chafe zones” clean
  • Dehydrated body = chafing
  • Sweat – yes the salt will get trapped & cause chafing
  • Clothing that is too loose or too tight
  • Long distance running or cycling without prior work-ups